Sunday, January 28, 2007

Nocturnal Birds!!

Hello all,

On Friday night (1-26-06), I went on a walk at my house around dusk. After about a minute of walking, I heard an American Woodcock (AMWO) calling by the creek. I went closer and came within 15 ft or so of the bird (there was bamboo blocking my view, so I never saw the bird). I heard another AMWO a little further off, so I know we have at least 2 AMWOs on our property.

As it got darker, I decided to call an Eastern Screech Owl (EASO). In a minute or so, one responded with it's tremolo call! That was the fastest I have had an EASO respond! After a little more calling, I finally saw him (a Red Morph EASO) and got really close to him. Another EASO was calling further off (I'm assuming they were a pair).
Unfortunately, I didn't get any good pictures to post because it was too dark for the camera I was using.

All for now,

David Hollie

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